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Steven Schnoll, prominent business management thought leader, lecturer and writer, is the managing director in the consulting firm of SCHNOLL MEDIA CONSULTING. Steven, an omni-channel marketing technologist, has had notable experience in the past several years assisting a diversified group of organizations from both the for profit and non-profit sectors. His collaborative approach has realized significant market improvements through the implementation of innovative interactive data driven technologies for clients of all sizes. His insightful analytics also identify cost effective manufacturing and production processes to reduce costs.


He is an ardent student of great, companies and how they attain excellence in a rapidly changing media environment. Steven has had leadership and ownership interests spanning several decades in five content media organizations and one software company. He has built a reputation as a practical innovator for companies attempting to enter new markets or revitalizing existing markets.


Schnoll has a BA degree from The George Washington University, an MBA from Rutgers University and has participated in the MIT Sloan School of Management Executive Leadership programs. Steven was inducted into the prestigious Ben Franklin Honor Society of the Printing Industries of America in 2008.


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